We’d like to introduce you to our wonderful neighbors at Klamath Health Partnership (KHP). Their Klamath Open Door location on S. 6th street in Klamath Falls has neighbored our main Klamath Family Head Start site for 15 years. Members of the KHP staff visit Head Start annually to provide physical exams and vitals to our enrolled Head Start children.


About Klamath Health Partnership

Klamath Health Partnership Open DoorThe mission of KHP is to provide accessible, culturally sensitive, affordable, quality-driven, patient-centered health services to our community, with an emphasis on the underserved. With their five locations throughout the Klamath Basin, KHF is the second-largest healthcare provider locally offering a range of medical, dental, mental health and patient support services.

The Klamath Health Partnership motto: no one will be refused service because of an inability to pay.

It is through KHP that we offer regular health screenings and exams for our enrolled students. We know that in order to learn each day and become school-ready, a child’s basic health needs must be met. The team at KHP helps to provide those basic needs for those children who may not have a medical home (also known as a primary care provider).

Their services include age-appropriate immunizations, health screenings and well-child physical exams. A physical exam is typically composed of height and weight measurements, blood pressure, general physical assessments and hematocrit, which measures the ratio of oxygen-carrying red blood cells in the body.

These screenings and exams have been especially important during the last year of the pandemic, when many in our community have lost opportunities to access critical vaccines and preventative measures.  We’re grateful for our partnership with Klamath Open Door clinic and the services they provide to ensure our young learners receive adequate care.


About Head Start Health Exams & Screenings

Through the National Head Start program, we are able to screen all students for hearing, vision, dental and nutritional issues. Then, our Head Start referral network works with families to ensure that medical and/or dental treatment is available for any child in need. We know that early detection and intervention can have lasting effects, and that every child’s health matters.