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Parent and family engagement at Klamath Family Head Start is all about building relationships that support overall family well-being.


Strong relationships between parents and their children are key for fostering ongoing learning and development at home and at school. Studies have shown that when parent and family engagement activities are practiced regularly, students achieve higher numbers of goal outcomes. The result is children who are healthy, happy and ready for school!
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Through Head Start, parents have numerous opportunities to participate in leadership development, decision-making, and program policy development. In addition, parents are encouraged to lend their voices in community and state activities to improve their children’s growth and learning opportunities.


Our Motherhood and Fatherhood Programs promote parent involvement and engagement at home — we believe you are your child’s best teacher! Research shows that children experience better outcomes when the joy of learning and well-being continues outside of the classroom. Because of this, we offer parenting support via classes, activities, in-home visits, group gatherings, and more.
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Get Involved

Want to get involved? Learn more about serving on our Policy Council or other local committees and advisories. You can also attend parent groups with other Head Start families, or volunteer in our classrooms and centers.

We know that parents play a fundamental role in their children’s overall health and education, even outside of the home. We invite you to contact your nearest Klamath Family Head Start center to learn more about how you can be involved and give your voice to champion school readiness programs for all.

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