In the photo from left to right: Patti Shaffer, Pam Garish, Julie Schafer, Sunni Anderson, Vicki High, and Sylvia Cox. 


At this year’s February Board Meeting, Klamath Family Head Start was presented with a $700 check from the Quota Club to help us provide hearing services and screenings at all our sites. Thank you Quota Club!


About the Quota Club

Quota Club of Klamath Falls, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1947 focusing on helping the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as disadvantaged women and children. Members give to the community through fundraising, item collection, and hosting charitable events. We are grateful to be chosen as one of their many beneficiaries by their Speech & Hearing Committee!=

“One of the organizations this committee chose to donate to this year is our local Head Start school. Our donation will help staff with their pediatric hearing screening work.” – Quota Club of Klamath Falls, Inc.


Hearing & Speech at Head Start

By age 6, about six in every 1,000 children experience some form of hearing loss. Without screening, the condition can remain undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed as a child falls further behind in cognitive, social, and emotional development.

For this reason, we provide screenings for all enrolled children, starting at infancy. If a hearing impairment is detected, we develop a follow-up and/or referral plan to make sure the child can receive treatment and supports from both Head Start and community partners.

And because hearing loss can occur at any time during a child’s life, we continue screening periodically while a child is enrolled in Head Start, to help ensure he or she is best able to communicate and learn.


Thank you Quota Club

Thank you again to our local chapter of Quota Club! This was our second year receiving the donation, which is being used to purchase foam ear tips for our hearing machine and screen all Head Start children within their first 45 days of school.

We are grateful for the impact their donation will make throughout the year for our Head Start students and families!