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At Klamath Family Head Start, we are pleased to offer services to children and their families in Klamath Falls, Merrill, Bonanza and Lakeview. Our caring and qualified staff works to promote lifelong health, happiness and learning for all students, whether in the classroom or at home.

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Head Start

For children age 3-5.

Early Head Start

For pregnant moms and babies up to age 3.

Preschool Promise

For children age 3-5.

Klamath Family Head Start - Our Programs
Health Exam & Screenings

Health Exams and Screenings

Through the national Head Start program, we are able to screen all students for hearing, vision, dental and nutritional issues. Then, our Head Start referral network works with families to ensure that medical and/or dental treatment is available for any child in need.

Child & Family Counseling Services

We believe in promoting positive social-emotional development through teaching and modeling: empathy, emotional regulation, and problem-solving.  We offer a full-time, in-house Licensed Child and Family Counselor who can provide clinical mental health services and counseling for children and their families. Our Counselor also helps our staff build skills around behavior and classroom management, to increase developmentally-appropriate practices and expectations.

Child & Family Counseling
Head Start Program Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

We know a child’s physical health and wellbeing is vitally important for growth, learning, and lifelong success. In our classrooms, we provide healthful meals that meet your child’s daily nutritional needs, and give them opportunities to make their own healthy choices at school. Visit our Meals & Snacks page for current offerings in our centers.

Parenting and Family Services

Healthy social-emotional development (both at school and home) paves the way for wellness and readiness as children prepare to enter school.

We connect parents and families with community resources — including classes, workshops and group events — that teach child development, parenting skills and family involvement.

head start parenting and Family Services
head start program disabilities and special needs

Disabilities and Special Needs

We offer special education services for our students and their families with additional needs, including guidance for parents seeking community resources. Our qualified and caring staff ensures that children who experience cognitive, developmental, physical or learning disabilities have opportunities to participate in all of our programs.


Head Start and Preschool Promise are open to children who turn three or four before September 1st of their enrollment year. Early Head Start is open to pregnant mothers and children aged birth to three years old. Any mother-to-be who enrolls in Early Head Start services while pregnant will receive automatic placement into an Early Head Start program once their child is born.

Enrollment priority for the Head Start Program goes to children most in need, including:

  • Children living at or below 100% off the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Children with disabilities or serious health/mental health concerns.
  • Children from families affected by mental health issues, child abuse or neglect, incarceration, parent illness/disability, domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness, foster care or other adverse backgrounds.

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We provide services in Klamath Falls, Lakeview, Bonanza, and Merrill.