We want to thank our community donors, supporters and volunteers for the difference you make in our programs! Your generosity helps us fulfill our mission of readying children for classroom learning and personal growth in school and beyond.

“We would like to take the time to express to you how thankful we are that Head Start was available in our community during an important time in our lives. We believe that this is a valuable program in our community and in all areas that it is offered.

Thirteen years ago, our girls had the unique opportunity to be able to participate in your program, they have been friends ever since, and so have we. We learned a lot about our family, community and ourselves. The lessons learned will be with us for the rest of our lives.

We were not treated different from any other individual who participated in the program, and that’s what makes Head Start so special. Your program helped us build a healthy foundation for our children that was otherwise lacking.

– Head Start Parent, Christine

“I love being involved in my child’s education and asked for my opinion.”


“Thanks to Jan, I have built confidence in myself and have accomplished all the goals I set for myself and my family. She and all the people who work at Head Start were always there to greet me with a smile and welcome me to join in their fun.

My son started there with a lot to work on. He didn’t like to be around other people, share, pronounce words correctly, and so on. Now he does all that and more. Thank you!

Myself, well I had no confidence, I had problems with my family, I was scared of trying to be more than a home worker, and I had no goals in life! Thanks to Jan and Lee and all the support I’ve gotten from everyone else there, I’m now on my way to getting a job!

I have done so many things with the help from Head Start that I never thought I could do. I feel like I’m somebody now. And if Lee wouldn’t of helped me with my resume I would have been lost. Thanks Lee! Thanks Head Start!”

– Head Start Parent

“Head Start is really more than a preschool, it’s a family.”


“All three of my children attended Head Start. I got involved with Head Start when my eldest daughter started there 7 years ago. My life was not that great, at the time my spouse and I were involved in drugs and our children were taken away for 18 months. During that time my life became worse and drugs were all I cared about at the time.

Then I overcame that and have been drug free for almost 6 years. I started my GED at Head Start and finished it at Klamath Adult Learning Center. I struggled for 3 years on my math for the GED but 1 year ago I got a great tutor. Her name is Mary, and she has helped me so much with math! I finally passed the math with a score of 500.

I’m about to graduate in the class of 2003. My life has changed for the better. I will be forever grateful to all the staff at Head Start and Mary.

PS, I’m living proof that anyone can change their life for the better.”

– Head Start Parent, Doreen

“Participating in the Head Start Policy Council allowed me to have a hands-on experience in my child’s education while also helping me understand how integral such a council is for a successful experience for all students.”


“I felt I had made a difference in the classroom, and my child in Head Start was very proud that his mom helped. When he sees something I cut out or put together, he says “My mom did that.” It makes me feel good. I enjoyed this year and am going to miss it. Thanks you Head Start for making me feel welcome and letting me give back to the community. It was, to say the least, FUN!”

– Head Start Parent

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