Early Head Start

Early Head Start serves and supports the families of young children (age birth to three years old), as well as pregnant mothers in our community. Through this year-round program, we help to nurture strong parent/child bonds and a healthy start in life.

Our caring and knowledgeable staff assists parents as they help their young children grow into eager learners, and provide helpful resources and support to families in need. We welcome all infants and toddlers, including dual-language learners and those with special needs.

Our Programs

Prenatal Services

Setting a foundation for health and school success starts at the very beginning. We offer resources and services to expecting mothers including classes, group socializations, and opportunities to learn from new and experienced parents. These services are offered at all stages of pregnancy, giving new parents helpful information about the development of their new baby and the Head Start services immediately available after their little one is born.
EHS Prenatal Services
EHS Home Based

Home Based

Our Home Based program provides weekly in-home visits, as well as two parent-child groups each month. Home visits include parent-involved activities to promote learning, parenting and education throughout the family. Groups welcome parents and their children in a safe, exciting classroom environment, designed to promote early learning, exploration and fun! We require parents to be present for both home visits and parent-child groups.

Home Visits

In our Home Visits program, our staff provides comprehensive services to strengthen the relationship between infants or toddlers and their parents. Early Head Start staff work closely with parents to ensure that goals and experiences are in line with the family’s culture, as well as build on the child’s interests and abilities. Our aim is to promote curiosity and a positive view about themselves and learning.
EHS Home Visits
EHS Socializations


Our Socialization experiences provide families and staff members with special opportunities to collectively support child development and learning. Socializations offer time for infants, toddlers, and their parents to strengthen their relationships, and also give parents opportunities to observe their children in new and different settings. Children are able to explore various materials and experiences, offering “teachable moments” that can create relevant, impactful learning opportunities.

During Socializations, parents can also gain greater insight into their child behaviors, support other parents, and develop a sense of community as they develop relationships with other families and community members.

“I love being involved in my child’s education and asked for my opinion.”


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