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We are now serving Head Start children and families. Please view Announcements and Events below. For information related to the pandemic and Coronavirus, visit our COVID-19 page.

Information & Upcoming Events

Stop by the Ragland KIDZ Fair!  

Enjoy arts and crafts, local cultural presentations, games AND LIVE performances from the cast
of our summer musical “Pirates of Penzance!” Not to mention awesome raffle prizes donated by
numerous organizations, a cake walk sponsored by Sherm’s Thunderbird, food cart The Dog
Father, Donut Burger, Shaka Ice and MORE! 


When: Saturday, July 3rd from 11:00am-3:00pm

Where: Ross Ragland Theater Tickets: $3 entry for children and adults (includes 5 carnival
tickets for games)

Purchase tickets and pay entry fee at Box Office.
*Must have wristband to enter!

Check out Integral Youth Services’ June Newsletter here!

Integral Youth Services works with community partners to develop programs that encourage a positive support system for youth ages 1-18 years. 

Outreach Programs include H.E.L.P., Exodus House, Summer Lunches, and the Nutrition HUB.

Life Skills Programs include John’s House, Independent Living, and Summer Work Crew

Click on the links to learn more, or visit the IYS website.

Klamath-Lake Counties Produce Connection

The Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank will be putting on weekly “produce connection events” over the summer where community members are welcome to take home boxes of local produce. 

Boxes will be distributed first come, first served and supplies usually run out fast!

See the food bank website for more information.


Emergency Broadband Benefit

Get up to $50 off your monthly internet service

CenturyLink is proud to be an approved internet provider for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. This new, temporary federal program was announced on May 12, 2021 as part of a COVID stimulus package.  Eligible households can receive up to $50 per month (up to $75 per month for households on Tribal Lands) towards broadband service.

Click here to learn how to qualify.


A Parent is a Child’s First Teacher!

Experienced Educator and Facilitator Kathleen Walker Henderson will share more ways to use your Green Teach My Preschooler Kit. View these 4 short and hands-on presentations to help get your child ready to learn. Use the links or go to Take Root Parenting on YouTube and discover more ways to use these tools every day.

                      Session 1                  Session 2


Safe Shelter and Rent Assistance

Oregon farmers are facing reduced bed capacity as a result of new OSHA guidelines on bed spacing.  This will reduce the number of beds in labor camps across Oregon. These funds are aimed at providing alternative sheltering for farmworkers across Oregon during the various harvests. Please call 1-855-215-6158 and select Safe Sheltering of Farmworkers in the menu option.

New Program Update:  Safe Shelter & Rent Relief for farmworkers Program now allows assistance with rent, utilities, and other services.

Funds provided by Oregon Housing & Community Services.

Refugio Seguro para Trabajadores Agricolas y Asistencia de Renta

Los agricultores de Oregon enfrentan una capacidad de cama reducida como resultado de las nuevas pautas de OSHA sobre el espaciamiento de la cama. Esto reducirá la cantidad de camas en los campos de trabajo en todo Oregon. Estos fondos están destinados a proporcionar refugio alternativo para los trabajadores agrícolas en todo Oregon durante las diversas cosechas. Llame al 1-855-215-6158 y seleccione Safe Sheltering of Farmworkers en la opción de menu.

Actualización del nuevo programa: Refugio seguro y alivio de alquiler para trabajadores agrícolas El programa ahora permite asistencia con el alquiler, los servicios públicos y otros servicios.

Fondos provistos por Oregon Housing & Community Service.

Klamath Family Head Start Guide to a Hybrid Model of Learning

Virtual Classroom

As COVID-19 regulations will allow, all Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms will operate in-person for the 2021-22 school year. Classrooms will move between in-person and virtual models if COVID exposures occur. 

While classrooms operate virtually due to COVID exposure, teachers will provide virtual circle/story times, Ready Rosie and Kahn Academy access, and educational materials and activities for children to use at home.

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