Policy Council

Our Policy Council is made up of parents, caregivers and community representatives who work together to help develop, review, and approve or disapprove new policies and procedures for all our Klamath Family Head Start sites.

What Does the Policy Council Do?

Each month, the Policy Council gets training in an area of our program operations. It discusses and votes on the budget, program and personnel policies, hiring, and other aspects of operations. It is a chance for families and community members to share what is going on in their communities, and report back to classroom parent groups.

Duties of the Policy Council may also include:

  • Presenting recommendations for parent-family involvement
  • Reviewing monthly and annual reports
  • Submitting recommendations for program priorities
  • Establishing Policy Council bylaws and election procedures
  • Providing leadership within Head Start programs
Policy Council

“My time on Policy Council has been amazing. I learned some really great tools for life, running meetings effectively and more than that not judging people too quickly. I have had the pleasure of serving with some amazing people. Head Start is really more than a preschool, it’s a family.”

Charlie W. (Chairperson 2007/2008 & 2008/2009)

Policy Council Officers & Positions

Klamath Family Head Start


Helps prepare the meeting agenda, conducts the meetings and explains each motion before a vote is taken. The Chair is also a member of the program’s Grantee Board.

Vice Chairperson

Conducts meetings and handles business when the Chair is absent. The Vice Chair is also a member of the Grantee Board.


Reviews minutes of the meetings, recording what takes place, signs a printed copy and receives any PC mail.

Grantee Board

The Grantee Board has fiduciary responsibility for the entire program.  It oversees the budget, develops the program mission, vision, and values. The Grantee Board participates in planning and sets program goals. They also oversee the Executive Director.  It is composed of community members interested in Head Start.  The PC and Vice chair attend the monthly board meetings.

KFHS Play Room
KFHS Policy Council

State Representatives

Two (2) members are elected to attend Oregon Head Start Association meetings in November, February, and May. Meals, lodging and transportation are paid for by Head Start Childcare can also be paid for, or donated as in-kind.

Policy Council representatives share individual classroom activities, ideas and inform the Policy Council group of any parent’s questions or concerns. They maintain a notebook with information and distribute information to PC members to share with their local parent group.  Alternates are elected to attend in the absence of a representative. 

Meetings are monthly. For more information please contact KFHS.

“Serving on the Policy Council provided me with exceptional training. It has also taught me the skills to advocate for my child and community. Serving on Policy Council and being a volunteer has reinforced my beliefs that Klamath Family Head Start is an awesome program.”
Jennifer L (Chairperson 2000/2001)