Klamath Family Head Start was recently honored to have a visit from the newly appointed office of Head Start Director, Khari Garvin out of Washington D.C. along with Jason Clemmons and Robert Colombini.

Please read the response to their visit here at Klamath Family Head Start.

“I want to thank you for accommodating our visit to your program on Monday and for the comprehensive overview you shared with us about your program model.  Thanks, also, for your willingness to be transparent while engaging in candid dialogue about some of the challenges your program is facing.  We left our visit on Monday impressed by your ability to “weather the storm” through the pandemic, having emerged from it being fully staffed!  This is quite an exceptional accomplishment at a time when many programs continue to have difficulty recruiting and retaining qualified staff.  Another highlight of our visit was observing your approach to classroom instruction, including your Head Start classrooms with three (3) staff and Early Head Start classrooms with four (4) staff.  This is simply exceptional and is undoubtedly contributing to a tremendous depth of service that your program is able to provide for children.

And please accept my special thanks for your strong commitment to children and families experiencing homelessness and the consistent way that you have prioritized them for enrollment in your program over the last several years!  Reaching the benchmark of filling one-third of your slots with families experiencing homelessness is quite an important feat.  Thank you for the community partnership relationships and all of the “warm hand-off referrals” that make all of this possible.  Thank you for the strong example you are setting across the nation of the important resource that Head Start can be to these precious families.

It is evident from the engagements between the children and staff of your program and amongst the staff themselves that Klamath Family Head Start strives for excellence.  Wishing you success as you continue operations for what remains of this program year and beyond!”

Warmest regards,